Peaches & Cream Biscuits | Wood & Spoon

We were almost drowning in peaches whilst in Bulgaria this summer. Having three peach trees in your back garden certainly has its pros and cons: I'm a big fan of seasonal cooking and baking, so hooray for tonnes of fresh peaches that you can eat right off the tree, bake endless tarts and desserts with, and whizz up into smoothies (or ferment into rakia, a super strong alcoholic spirit-like drink that the Bulgarians like to produce)! On the other hand, stepping barefoot in a half rotten peach is not the ideal way to start the day! I tried putting the rotten ones on the compost heap but it appeared to produce the perfect conditions for fruit-flies to breed and they would to burst out from the open lid in a big cloud... Live and learn!

fresh peaches

I wanted to make something new with all these peaches and a perfectly timed email pinged into my inbox from Wood & Spoon. I've been following Kate's blog for a few months now and I just LOVE her posts! From the recipes themselves to the beautiful photography to her charming writing style, it's always such an enjoyable and inspirational read. These peaches and cream biscuits looked delicious and seemed pretty easy to make - mostly store cupboard ingredients with the exception of the fresh peaches, which I had in abundance. A surprisingly ideal recipe for me as I sat in a tiny, quiet village in rural Bulgaria!

peaches and cream biscuits

The recipe went exactly as I expected: a straight-forward sweet pastry rolled out and filled with sliced peaches, then baked and (to my boyfriend's delight) eaten warm. Kate also suggests serving them with a cream cheese icing drizzled over the top, which sounds fab but I didn't find cream cheese in the teeny local shop, so we had them just as they were. All I can say is YUM. They were so delicious that we even ate them as a cheeky breakfast (they didn't last long at all!) and I'll be making them again due to popular demand from my volunteer hosts. Thanks, Kate for giving me something a little bit special to offer them in return for all their kindness this past month!

peaches and cream biscuit